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Steves Peeps is an American artist & fashion designer. His designs have been seen across the United States & other countries. His work has been seen promoted & worn by Dj Lady Starlight & Kenny Bozich (ex Metro Station). He is most known for his pop psychedelic manipulation of art and bringing back late 90's- early 2000s fashion. Steves Peeps is a Myspace "celebrity" who wasn't really famous until he joined MySpace at the height of its popularity as a social network. Cutting his teeth with fashion ventures including members of Lady Gaga's Haus (Interscope Records) & Sony Music Entertainment (Columbia Records), he has certainly made a name for himself. In 2009 he claimed the position as the 8th most popular non music profile on MySpace as of April 2009 & has gained over a million views. Through catchy phrases and a unique look Steves Peeps has gained a cult like following.The Myspace personality has found himself growing nationally onto Myspace pages & now continues onto Facebook. In 2014 he introduced early 2000s fashion back into the underground fashion world.

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The spirit of the 90's is one that Steves Peeps lives by so vividly. " I brought back one of the most rapid culture changing decades in recent memory the 1990s". His New Jack Swing attitude matches his Boyz II Men appearance in every way. He is not afraid to speak his mind and show just about everyone in every country in every continent at every second what he is all about."The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together by fabrics of society, I try to represent the in your face break the rules bravado you would expect to see if Tupac had a child with The Spice Girls". Steves Peeps had a vision for a 90's comeback. Starting from just an enthusiasm, and great attention to detail, he listened to his instincts and created his dream. In 2014 he brought back some of the early 2000's fashion's akin to an era known as the "TRL" era.

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Steves Peeps is 5' 9" has naturally brown hair and eyes and a slim build. Fashion is a key point when being on key with him. He attributes working out & running to this.

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